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Fambusco Resources is an independent Support & Learning Office in the field of Family Business Administration

We support professional service providers and educational establishments that recognise the family business as a unique type of business enterprise and want to pay specific attention to it. One important resource for the development of our services is scientific research performed worldwide. The other is our partners’ many years’ experience in giving practical advice to family businesses. This combination of theory and practice enables us to help your business stand out from your competitors  thanks to a unified, effective package of advice and education.

Family business administration is still a relatively young domain. However, scientific research already offers good insights into the unique way the family business operates and differs from non-family businesses.

For professional service providers and educational establishments this distinction is highly relevant as family businesses, large or small, contribute around 50% to GNP and employment worldwide.

Family businesses differ strongly from one another, from SMEs to listed companies and from locally to globally active. The family role is also a distinguishing factor, from owner/founder to several generations or even to those no longer active in the business.

Despite their many differences, family businesses also have many strategic challenges in common. Challenges in the area of family, ownership and business.

Fambusco Resources has the knowledge and skills to help your organisation develop a more refined insight into the operations of a family business. We help translate this into a proposition that are tailored to your clients with the features of a family business, or your students who are or will be working for or in the family business. We support you as you carry out your family business-oriented plans. We can also help you realise the correct preconditions for effective implementation of your plans, if required.

  • Our Philosophy
    • Our philosophy is based on co-creation between us and our clients. We consider promoting cooperation and sharing knowledge of paramount importance. These are two crucial conditions for success, particularly in family business administration, because this is a domain with a steep learning curve populated by professionals from totally different fields.
    • In order to meet the preconditions ourselves, we work in a project based way in flexible network connections with partners who are recognised family business experts. Only knowledge demonstrated in our own practice will be used for our clients.
    • We continually bear in mind the wide range of contrasts possible within a family business, tackling these differences in our cooperation with partners and in the co-creation with our clients. After all, the differences are there to be overcome so we can mutually support each other.
  • Our Mission
    • Our mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of family businesses in all their manifestations. We do so by effecting family business administration in practice in as wide a range as possible.
    • In our view, family business administration can be tailored to each field of professional services. With access to the latest scientific insights in the field of family business administration, we aim to be the source of improving service to family businesses in every field.
    • Additionally, we make a case for the permanent addition of family business administration to educational programmes in all sorts of educational establishments. Our mission is to realise a differentiation within the complete educational field on behalf of family business. After all, family business professionalization and increasing the services' quality starts with education, which cannot start early enough but can always be improved.
  • Our Vision
    • The family business phenomenon offers an attractive personal development perspective for the widely oriented service provider, researcher and teacher.
    • Family businesses are more and more aware that they should not only pay attention to their company's strategy, but also to the strategic challenges in regard to the relationship between the family and the business.
    • Professional service providers are realizing more and more that the family business is not only an interesting target group from a commercial point of view, but is also fascinating professionally.
    • In the medium-long term, some professional service providers in various fields will have found advisors who are well acquainted with both the family and the business administrative aspect of the family business, and various educational establishments will have launched several programmes that focus on the particular features of the family business.
  • Our Ambition
    • We aspire to be a permanent knowledge partner for the professional service provider and educational establishment that wants to continuously develop itself in the field of family business administration.
    • We enjoy developing initial projects into long-term relationships. Our ambition is that, in the end, our clients will be able to oversee their own development in the domain of family business administration.


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