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Professional Service Providers

What difference do YOU make when advising the family business?

Owners and executives of family businesses are making greater and greater demands on their advisors. This is creating opportunities, particularly for those who not only recognise that a family business has special features, but also really understand how they work.

Advisors who can contribute to managing the interaction between the family and the business are at an advantage. This contribution is not only limited to the family business administration, but also includes developing the right processes. The right composition of content and process enables a family business to intercept and deal with all sorts of dilemmas in a timely fashion, before they deteriorate into major bottlenecks and conflicts. Many dilemmas are opportunities to strengthen the unity of the family and the involvement of the owners. This can promote the positive input of the family in the business. We help you help your clients to excel as a family business.

Every advisor can make a valuable contribution to this from his own speciality and orientation, as long as the efforts and solutions are actually tailored to the special features of the family business concerned. As well as this, we will show you how we can strengthen the services and market position of your organisation within the target group of the family business.

Fambusco Resources is your key to shaping a robust, effective and client specific value proposition for the family business.

Robust, because our knowledge is taken from the most recent scientific research in family business administration.

Effective, because we only supply instruments that have proven themselves in practice and because our support enables your employees to enjoy working with these instruments in confidence.

Client specific, because we aim to make your value proposition suit the family business type you serve. By doing so, we meet the segmentation criteria your organisation employs.